Teacher training

Participants of the workshop for teachers of February, 2018
Workshop in May of 2016

The need to work with teachers in promoting reading in schools was identified early on.  Libros para Todos began organizing workshops where teachers from rural communities and from the cities of San Miguel de Allende and Dolores Hidalgo could come together and learn effective methods of teaching literature to elementary school age children.  Libros para Todos wants to inspire children to read more by making reading a pleasurable activity, not something they have to do for school.

In addition to seeking to make reading an enjoyable activity for children, Libros para Todos wants to improve reading comprehension.  Mexico places close to last in a UNESCO assessment of reading habits in a list of 108 countries.   It is important for us not only to increase the amount of reading done by children, but also the level of reading comprehension.

Since 2015, Libros para Todos hosts teacher training workshops bi-annually.