Pop up libraries

Children from a rural primary school receiving a pop up library

Many rural communities do not have libraries, even in the schools.   Children only have access to textbooks.  This, coupled with the increasing use of screens in every day life such as televisions and cell phones, have led to a decrease in the number of books read per year by the average Mexican child.  To help remedy this situation, Libros para Todos began in 2017 to use pop up libraries:  collections of books that move from one community to the next, targeting the most underserved communities first.   This way, children have better access to books and can read for pleasure.

Transporting pop up libraries to rural communities

Libros para Todos only has two library sets.  In 2017, these two libraries visited 6 communities and over 1,300 books where checked out.   The children are thrilled to house these little libraries in their classrooms and this project has encouraged teachers to dedicate time during the school day just for reading for pleasure.