Big reads

Big reads

Francisco Jimenez in 2013

Every year, Libros para Todos does a ‘big read’ in the state of Guanjuato in which hundreds of children read a book selected by our committee. The children are given approximately six weeks to read the books with the help of their teachers or a community leader and then, in November, the author of that selected book comes to visit them so that the children are able to get to know the author first hand.

Juan Villoro with children in 2015

By being a part of a ‘big read’ event, the children feel connected to children from other schools and other communities. In 2016, we worked with 15 different communities in the municipality of San Miguel de Allende and Dolores Hidalgo. In addition, the children become very excited about meeting the author of the book they read. Reading becomes something they enjoy doing, not a chore for school. It is our hope that this positive experience changes the way they see books forever.

Francisco Hinojosa in 2016

Our first big read was in November of 2013 when author Francisco Jimenez visited 230 children who had read his book, “Cajas de Carton” (The Circuit). In 2014, author Viola Canales shared her book, “El Gusano de Tequila” (Tequila Worma) with 450 children. In 2015, author Juan Villoro visited with 550 children to talk about “El Libro Salvaje” (The Wild Book) and most recently, in 2016, Francisco Hinojosa met with 700 children who had read “La Formula del Doctor Funes” (The Formula of Dr Funes).  In 2017, Vivian Mansour met with 500 children who had read either “La Vida Util de Pillo Polillo” and “Flor de Rayo.”  In 2018, we organized two separate big reads: one in March with Maria Garcia Esperon and the other in November with Reyna Grande.

Vivian Mansour in 2017