Inspiring children to read more.

The nonprofit organization Libros para Todos (Books for Everyone), seeks to inspire children in Mexico to read more, particularly those children and young adults residing in rural communities where access to books is limited.

According to an article in the New York Times in March 2013, “Mexico took the penultimate spot, out of 108 countries, in a UNESCO assessment of reading.” This means that Mexicans do not rate high for reading comprehension. Furthermore, although there are more literate people in Mexico than in previous generations, fewer people are actually reading. In most public schools, children do not read works of fiction, and in poor communities most children will never own their own books. This generation is losing the art of reading, and this is worrisome, because it is through books that children foster creativity and dream of new possibilities, as well as learn to appreciate the literary art form.

Reading fosters critical thinking skills, empathetic behavior, and better communication skills, all of which are necessary for maintaining a strong civil society and democracy.

Libros para Todos’ mission is to inspire children to read more, and we focus our efforts on children from low-income families, in rural communities where access to books is limited.